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So maybe its too late for New Years resolution. Maybe life has ground you down already and you’re thinking, ‘what’s the point?’ or ‘nothing ever changes’. Well, sometimes it does. The only person who can make a difference in your life is you. Working in a gym I see a lot of people who are very keen to do amazing things with their life. That’s great, I love it. My job just got a whole lot busier but if even one of the people I’ve spoken too are serious about their lifestyle change then that’s excellent.
So I’m going to offer some advice on sticking with a goal. I believe I’m qualified for this because I have the shortest attention span, like, ever. No joke, one of my teachers once told me to practice concentrating on inanimate objects to build up my concentration then asked me to look at the phone for 20 seconds. I couldn’t! Mainly because it was a ridiculous exercise, but even so, my point stands.

The main way to stay focused is to do something you enjoy. If you want to improve your fitness or lifestyle in any way then it’s going to have to be something you enjoy doing. Otherwise every small excuse will make you ‘give it a miss’. The same goes for diet, don’t plan on eating 6 raw eggs for breakfast then just chew on tree bark for the rest of the day, it’s unsustainable. With training first things first, identify when/how many times a week you can (realistically) make it to the gym, attend a class, go running or whatever. Secondly, make yourself do it. You’ve promised yourself you’re going to the gym twice a week, so do it! You’re only cheating yourself. At the same time don’t overdo it. Don’t go 7 days a week then think you need a week off. It’s all about routine. ‘It’s Tuesday night so I’m training’, that sort of mentality. Once it’s part of your routine it gets easier, much easier.

The next point I want to look at is Goal Setting. “I want to lose 6 stone”, that’s great, I respect that. But that is going to take some time and some seriously hard work. Let’s take baby steps for now. Let’s set a timescale. I want to lose 1 stone in 1-2 months, totally obtainable. It would take a bit of a drastic lifestyle change but it’s achievable. Goals don’t always have to be weight-based. It can be anything. I want to fit into those clothes, I want to be able to run that distance, I want to be able to lift that weight. Have a long term goal, it will help you stay focused. But set an attainable goal for each month or two and it will feel much more rewarding when you smash it!

Be prepared to leave your comfort zone. If you want a drastic change in your life, be prepared for a drastic change. Don’t fear the unknown. I’ll put it in perspective. Some people are stepping into a gym for their first time this month. They don’t know the kit, they feel uncomfortable exercising in front of other people, or whatever. We live in the internet age, you can research anything. Especially fitness, people write about that crap all the time (some irony intended). If you want to try a particular workout or work towards a particular goal you can bet someone has already written an article on how to do it. The same with diet. To decide which are good and which are… not, have a look around, read a few articles. If you come back to me with some great information about a cleanse or a juice diet then I believe that is just natural selection at work. Read a few things and don’t trust those that are trying to sell you something. Also, always read reviews on stuff.

Do it for yourself. So I’m bordering on writing a self help article now. Which I intensely dislike. But, I’ve started, so I’ll finish. Basically: Fuck anyone else. Don’t do it if you’re just trying to impress someone. Do it because it will make your life better. It will make you happier and it will change your life.

The reason I love the gym is because you can switch off, life doesn’t matter when you’re in there. You can focus on yourself, get in your own zone. Leave your problems at the door and sweat it out. Everyone has their own reason to be there, that’s mine.

Happy New Year.

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