My fitness journey started out when I was 23. I had always had an interest in training and martial arts. But I had a short attention span when it came to achieving results. If I didn’t see a change immediately it destroyed my confidence and I’d quit. I was a member of a gym for 7 years (on and off) and completed my level 2 to supplement my own training. I never really saw much progress in this time. Then, one day, I decided to take it seriously.

I did the proper research and taught myself about correct nutrition and training. I dropped from 28% body fat to 6% in under 6 months. A weight loss of 25kg. My training took me to different gyms, exploring different training techniques. I discussed principles of training and nutrition with top coaches and learnt what I could. I’ve learnt many types of martial arts and developed them to suit my strengths. I believe that training and diet should be adjusted to suit the needs and goals of the individual.

I worked in commercial gyms while completing my L3 in Personal Training. Then went on to martial arts gyms and running my own business. My background is in martial arts and fitness. I also love lifting weights. I always strive to find the correct balance between function and aesthetics. Fitness is my passion and it’s a passion that I want to share with others. Fitness doesn’t have to be tedious. It can be fun and inspiring!

Reach your goals

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