The ‘C’ Word

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Cardio. It’s become something of a boast for me that I never do cardio. I lost 22% body fat (from 28% to 6%) without ever running [...]

Descriptive Gym Program

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So I made a program for a member the other day. I took her through it all but it was a 3-day split and she [...]

New Years Resolutions

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So maybe its too late for New Years resolution. Maybe life has ground you down already and you're thinking, 'what's the point?' or 'nothing ever [...]

Creating a Workout Plan

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What makes a workout plan good? Since working in the fitness industry I’ve considered the importance of having a structured workout plan. I often see people [...]

Supplements – their place in a ‘healthy’ lifestyle

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Please be aware, I'm not a nutrition expert. I'm sharing what worked for me. I lost 3 stone and 22% body fat in under 6 [...]

Facing Your Fears – Via Ferrata Xtreme

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Let me begin with this simple fact: I am scared of heights. I can be impulsive and overconfident and sometimes people have misinterpreted this as [...]

Machine MMA 13 – My K1 Debut

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 I had to wait for the video to be released for this as I remember about 10 seconds of the fight. I remember certain things [...]

Fight Prep – The Facts and Figures of Quick Weight Loss

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So I explained the prep I did in my last blog, this one will serve as an add-on, to provide an understanding of the exact [...]

Cutting Weight for a Fight- How to lose a stone in 3 weeks

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My last fight was my third type of full contact competition I had taken part in. The fourth martial art I have competed in. All [...]

Fight Camp – A Student’s Perspective

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I've just arrived home from Fight Camp organised by Neil Walton of PDKM and James Hobson KMDA. 3 nights in a great location and 2 [...]